The RetroEngine Controllers

The RetroEngine ships with one of 5 possible controllers.

Preconfigured Controllers:

These consist of two different models of wired dual stick controllers, the upgraded "Retro"-controller model, "Saturn-Style", and one wirelesse Bluetooth dual stick controller:

Preconfigured Controllers
Preconfigured Controllers

The RetroEngine branded wired controller:

The standard contoller model used for all games is based on the "RE" branded wired controller. It is the basis for mapping the controls in Emulationstation and, as shipped, all buttons are configured as labeled (Button A is mapped as Button A, Button X as Button X and so forth). We explain how to change the mapping and how to map new controllers in the "Controllers/Configuring a Controller" subsection.

The "P3" wired controller:

This controller has the same control elements as the RetroEngine gamepad and is preconfigured with the same mapping.

The Bluetooth controller:

It is mapped exactly like the wired RetroEngine controller and also comes preconfigured, but it needs to be paired before use! The subsection "Controllers/Pairing BT Controller" explains how to do that.

The upgraded "Retro" controller

Upgraded Retro Controller
Upgraded Retro Controller

This controller has a totally different layout than other controller. The default configuration is as follows:

Standard Configuration -> Retro Gamepad

  • Directional Pad -> Directional Pad
  • Start -> Start
  • Select -> Button Z
  • Left Bottom Trigger -> Left Shoulder Button
  • Right Bottom Trigger -> Right Shoulder Button
  • Button A -> Button A
  • Button B -> Button B
  • Button X -> Button X
  • Button Y -> Button Y

Additional Preconfigured Controls

USB Keyboards

The default configuration for keyboards is as follows:

  • Start -> F1
  • Select -> F2
  • Directional Pad -> Cursor Keys
  • Button A -> Key 1
  • Button B -> Key 2
  • Button X -> Key 3
  • Button Y -> Key 4

all other standard model buttons are mapped onto the remaining number keys.

Smartphone/tablet wireless gamepad

There are two requirements in order to be able to use the touch based "Mobile Gamepad" option: The RetroEngine needs to be connected to the same Wifi network as the touchscreen device you are planning to use and you need to know the IP address of your RetroEngine. Please refer to the section "Finding your IP Address" to learn how to find your IP address.

Once you are ready to go, open the web browser on your device and enter the RetroEngine's IP address, followed by a colon and the number '8888', as shown here:

Gamepad IP Address Entry
Gamepad IP Address Entry

As soon as you press "Go/Enter", and hold your device horizontally, the gamepad appears:

Mobile Gamepad
Mobile Gamepad

Should the joystick be stuck in one direction, briefly touch the opposite direction to gain full controll.

It is a good idea to add an icon to your homescreen or create a bookmark, for easy access:

Adding to Homescreen
Adding to Homescreen

If you ordered the "Pure" version of the RetroEngine and have no physical preconfigured controller, you can use a keyboard or the "Mobile Gamepad" option to set up 3rd party controllers. Additonal information is available in the "3rd Party Controllers" subsection.