Finding your IP Address

For some functions of the system it is helpful to know the IP network address of the RetroEngine. There are several options to get to your IP Address:

  • Using the "SHOWIP" Option in Emulationstation.

If your system is already set up and you have a configured controller or a keyboard (see "Controllers/RetroEngine Controllers" for more information), you can use a built in function to display your IP Address.

Select the RetroPie Menu from Emulationstation:

RetroPie Menu
RetroPie Menu

Then select "SHOWIP":


It will take a short while, then a window will show that displays your IP address with some additional info:

IP Adress Display
IP Adress Display

Return to Emulationstation with the "Y" or "A" button, depending on controller, or with "Enter" on the keyboard.

  • Using RetroCtrl

You can display the IP Address in RetroCtrl, by enabling the Web Uploader (and disabling it again if you don't plan on using it anyway). Please see section "RetroCtrl" for more information. This method requires access to a controller or keyboard and to a mouse or having Unified Remote set up.

  • Your Wifi Router

Many Wifi Routers have a Web Interface that shows the IP Address of locally connected devices. The RetroEngine will show up under "RetroEngine" once connected.

  • If all else fails and you have no access to a configured controller and no seperate keybord:

Make sure the RetroEngine has at least been booted (switched on) twice and you are set up to the point where you can see the Emulationstation platform menu. Shut down the system with the P1 button as described under "Getting Started". Remove the memory card and insert it into the USB card reader as described under "Factory Reset / Flashing". Of course, do not flash the card!

Connect the USB card reader to your computer and open the new drive/volume "No Name". One of the files you see is named "your-ip.txt". If you open it, you see the IP address of the RetroEngine.

Note the IP address down, eject the drive, remove the card from the card reader and reinsert it into the RetroEngine as described under "Getting Started", then restart the system.