Game controls - Preliminary Info

In Emulationstation you can change platforms with the directional pad, enter the platforms game list with the "A" button, select a game with the directional pad and start the game with the "A" button.

The Emulationstation Menu can be opened with "Start".

In-game controls:

The preinstalled Arcade games and all systems marked as "Green", "Light Green" and "Blue" in the "Supported Systems" section follow the same basic setup:

Select: Insert Coin (Only for Arcade games) / Select for console games

Start: Start Game

Directional Pad: Movement

Button A: Action 1, Button B: Action 2 etc.

Rotation or similar function (e.g. in Heavy Barrel): Shoulder Buttons

Exit Emulator: Start+Select

2 Players are supported and preconfigured. The default configuration for the "P2" button on the RetroEngine is to open the configuration menu for the Arcade games (actually for all systems that are not marked with "No" in the "Unified controls" column in the "Supported Systems" section) . In the configuration menu you can for example adjust the controls per game.

For the "Saturn" style retro controller the default mapping for "Select" is the "Z" button.

This is a preliminary section - detailed info will follow.