Uploading ROMs and Bios Files

We believe the easiest method to upload ROMs is using the Web Uploader, which can be enabled using RetroCtrl (see RetroCtrl section).

Another easy method is network file sharing. Both methods are demoed in this video:

In order for Emulationstation to "see" your files after upload, it needs to be restarted, as explained below.

Another easy but "quick and dirty" method for playing ROMs is to use an empty USB memory stick and put your ROMS onto that stick. Then attach the stick to an empty RetroEngine USB port and "Restart Emulationstation" from the Emulationstation Main Menu:

Restarting Emulationstation
Restarting Emulationstation

Once you restart Emulationstation, the USB stick files are visible in an "External" folder for eligible platforms. Of course, if you mix ROMs for different platforms on the stick you will see these also for platforms that do not support them. This method can also cause unwanted effects for you metadata (times played etc.) and visible (but otherwise harmless) error messages - while it does work if other methods are out of reach, we recommend you use one of the two methods shown in the video.

There are more complex methods such as SFTP, we will explain those down the road in a section with advanced information.