System Not Booting

No TV Picture after connecting to power

There are several possible scenarios:

Power LED does not turn on

  • Please check all cable connections
  • Make sure that the AC adapter is connected and plugged in

** If you are certain the unit has power and the Power LED still does not turn on, please contact support to arrange an exchange or repair **

Power LED does turn on, but no boot screen

In 99% of all cases your unit is ok, but the memory card is not inserted correctly, it may have shifted during delivery or condensation may have built on the contacts during air transport. Not all units have the memory card already inserted, instead you find it in the bag with the USB card reader. In seldom cases pre-inserted cards may have fallen out of the unit and are somewhere inside of the carton box.

  • Disconnect the RetroEngine from power
  • Remove all controllers from the RetroEngine
  • Remove the Bluetooth adapter (if it was connected)
  • Remove the memory card from the RetroEngine and wipe the contacts with a dry cloth
  • Reinsert the memory card directly into the unit (USB card adapter is not used!). Refer to the getting started guide for a picture of the correctly inserted card.
  • Reconnect to power (without connecting any other peripherals).
  • Reconnect a controller once the setup has been completed

If that does not resolve your problem, please insert the memory card into the USB card adapter that came with your system. Plug the adapter with inserted memory card into your computer. Make sure a volume called "No Name" is detected. Open the new drive and verify that the directory contains files such as "BootState". Eject the "No Name" volume. Remove the memory card from the USB Adapter and try again.

** If you can not see the "No Name" volume, try reflashing your card **

If none of these steps help, please send a message to support.