Wifi Error

If you are stuck at this screen:

Wifi Connect Screen
Wifi Connect Screen

You have no problem - please study the "Getting Started" Section to learn how to connect to the RetroEngine with your phone (or a tablet or PC).

But if you see this screen:

Wifi Error
Wifi Error

Most of these problems can be resolved by using the latest system image

The RetroEngine can not connect to your own Wifi network. This has already happened to several people. One backer solved it simply by connecting to a different network. We don't know yet if there is an incompatibility to certain Wifi routers and were unable to reproduce the error so far which makes it hard to come up with a definitive solution. In any case, we apologize for the inconvenience and understand your disappointment. We are trying to find the root of the problem as quickly as possible.

Here are the basic requirements for a Wifi network to be compatible with the RetroEngine.

  • It needs to be 802.11b/g compatible and needs to work in the 2.4GHz band
  • It needs encryption, we recommend WPA2, and it needs a password with a minimum length of 8 characters.
  • The SSID (Wifi Network Name) can not contain any spaces! This will be fixed in a future update.
  • Naturally, your router needs to accept connections from - to date - unknown devices.

If you were missing some of these conditions when you tried first and you already tried multiple times without success, it could be possible that the connection list configuration is hopelessly damaged. In that instance we would recommend correcting the Wifi setup and retrying from scratch by reflashing (See Factory Reset / Flashing section). But that should be a last resort and if you are sure your network was set up like that anyway, you should try to use one of the following workarounds instead:

Distance to Router

Try moving the RetroEngine closer to the router and/or higher up in the room during setup.

Temporary Wifi Hotspot

What has helped some is this:

If you have a second PC, phone or tablet and one of your devices can create a personal hotspot, you can try to connect to the personal hotspot instead of your Wifi router. Even if your data plan does not provide enough high speed volume to download 2 GiB, you might be able to complete the installation and use the default install. Make sure to name the hotspot differently from any networks you tried to connect to before!

Temporary Wifi Override

Lastly, you can override the Wifi setup. We have made a file available in the Download section (Look for "Wifi Override") that needs to be copied over the identically named file on the memorycard.

In order to do so you need to download the override file to your computer, unzip it, insert the memory card into the supplied USB card reader, connect the USB stick with the memory card to your computer and copy the file named "BootState" to the "No Name" drive volume that will be detected by your computer. Confirm that you want to overwrite the existing file. After you eject the card and reinstall it into the RetroEngine, the next reboot should bring you into Emulationstation. You can then try to use the Network utility under the "RetroPie" menu to connect to your Wifi network - this requires a keyboard.

Skipping the Wifi setup also creates issues:

  • Your adminstrator password is not defined. It is usually set to your Wifi password, depending on when the error happened, it should be the last Wifi password you entered. If that does not work, it might be 'sigma123' or '123456789a'.
  • Most of our ROM upload methods require a network. If you don't get the network up, what you have left is to use a USB Memorystick and copy ROMs using the desktop file manager.
  • If you have no network access, you can neither use the mobile gamepad nor Unified Remote.

We are also working on a new OS version for people with this problem, but it will take several days before it will be available.

Empty Network List during Setup

The Wifi signal is too weak. Move the console closer to the router (or the other way around). The "Personal Hotspot" Tip above might also help you.