Flashing a Memory Card

Factory Reset

If you want to use an additional memory card you already own or if you want to completely start from scratch for whatever reason, you can (re-)flash the RetroEngine system image to your memory card.

Follow these steps:

  • Download the "Image for Reflashing" available in the "Downloads" section, to your PC or Mac. For the time being, the file is also available on Dropbox!

  • Unzip the downloaded file. You will get a new file called "retro170811.img" and a readme.txt file describing the changes.

  • Download "Etcher" for your computer from etcher.io. It is not important if you choose the portable or the installation version.

  • Prepare the USB memory card adapter that came with your RetroEngine:

Memory Card Adapter and 64GB Retail Card
Memory Card Adapter and 64GB Retail Card
  • Insert the card into the adapter like this:
Memory Card Adapter with inserted card
Memory Card Adapter with inserted card
  • Connect the adapter with memory card to your computer

  • Start the "etcher" app. You will get a screen like this: etcher app

  • Once you select the "retro170811.img" file, the screen will look similat to this: etcher app

  • Click on "Flash!". Once the process completes, you can remove the memory card adpter and the memory card.